Skillz is a mobile app that influences the users to trade their talents, skills or acquired education without the need for currency. Volunteering your services, profession, skill or talent directly with someone who has an ability that you wish to learn, or a service they may provide is our GOAL! It is that simple!

Our target demographic is the 25-50 age range. This demographic is comprised of new college graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs who need a wide variety of services and who also offer a wide range of services.

Skillz users will not only be able to create long-standing working relationships and find like-minded individuals they may even be able to find mentors. There are no current services that offer such a skill/service matchmaking process.

The impact Skillz can have on the world by bringing people together to share their knowledge and services with one another could be revolutionary. Please lend your Skillz and services to this unique networking app.


Skillz Mobile App is composed of a group of philanthropists, social workers, and entrepreneurs. Paul Triporo is the designer and creative director behind the Skillz story.

Skillz Mobile App also engages in humanitarian activities such as supporting different needy and deserving communities.

It contributes to education and ocean awareness campaigns particularly for youngsters all over the world. Some of these are the Children’s Education in Bali –; Safe Havens for Homeless Youth in Florida –; New Zealand Ocean recovery Charity –; 4ocean –; Plastic Oceans – and, Ocean Ecological Preservation (Raja Ampat, Indonesia) –